Vi erbjuder dig som kund tjänster inom våra kompetensområden strategi & omvärld, marknad & affär, verksamhet & projekt, organisation & ledarskap, innovationsledning & finansiering och AI & datadriven utveckling.


Our areas of expertise

Strategy & competitive intelligence

For companies that wish to take the next step in reaching their full potential, we offer support in strategy design and strategy implementation. Qualified strategy work creates competitive advantages and thus a long-term positive development of the company with high profitability.

Market & business

Development of new offers and attracting new customers is a process that must be long-term but have the ability to adapt to market changes. Our work process creates efficiency, long-termism and provides the conditions for creativity in the business.

Operation & projects

Operational development aims to improve and streamline operations based on a need for change. Through our experiences, our working method and methodology, can solve challenges in order to create a better operation.

Organization & leadership

Leadership is central to create delighted and engaged employees who make the company pleasant and profitable. Our belief is that successful leadership must be based on vision, position, strategy and business plan and then broken down to group and individual level.

Innovation management & financing

We help you lead innovation development and secure funding for growth to take your idea or business to the next level.

AI & data-driven development

We help you understand the possibilities and practically use of AI and data-driven development to improve operations and create new data-driven services.

Our customer cases

Together with our customers, we create solutions of the future within our areas of expertise. Learn more abour our customers' challenges, solutions and results. Select customer case and filter by area of expertise!

Analysis of customer needs

A Swedish industrial group was faced to develop a product strategy. We carried out a mapping and analysis of customer needs, market potential and existing product portfolio. The analysis resulted in a number of proposals for supplementary offers, opportunities for improvement, and overall strategic orientations for the company.

Action plan for growth

For a leading telecommunications company, we have analyzed and developed an action plan for how growth can take place within a business area. Based on external and customer analyses, an offer concept in addition to sales, marketing and competence development plans were created. The company is now working according to elaborate plans.

Development of work environment

A custcomer was in a phase where the working environment and well-being needed to be improved. We made an analysis of the current situation with help of conversations with all employees and leaders, which were then linked to focus areas such as leadership, management team, communication, competence development, goals, processes, values and approaches.

Market analysis

For a customer in the research area, a market analysis was made in the energy area aimed at the development of renewable energy sources. The purpose of the analysis was to produce information that could help motivate new research in the energy field. The analysis provided an overview of the total potential for the renewable energy sources. In the area of solar cells, an efficiency model was created to show the requirements for a commercial product in order to become viable on the market.

Business analysis for increased customer flow

Together with a pension insurance company, we have carried out a business analysis including a process assessment. The aim was to improve and streamline a service based on a large flow of customers. The analysis resulted in several suggestions for improvement that have later on been implemented in the business.

Strategy for increased collaboration

We carried out a strategic study and proposed direction forward and activities in order to improve the attractiveness of a university and additionally increase cooperation with the business community of the surrounding region. In addition, we showed how the universities should be able to contribute more clearly to each municipality's strategic direction. 

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